Collins Bus Ford
Transportation is provided by N.L.D.S. to and from local elementary schools. Please see the director or visit our website for a list of elementary schools we provide transportation to. Before transportation cancommence we need you to fill out forms NLDS 9744 and NLDS 2050 located inside your packet. Transportation provided to: Cole, Tarpey, Sierra Vista,Weldon, Clovis Elementary, Gettysburg

Morning School

If your child needs morning transportation please have them at our center by 7:00am. This is to ensure that our bus drivers may leave on time to get all the children to elementary school.

After School Pick-Up

It is important that your child is at the designated bus loading area in a timely matter. If your child has after school assignments or activities, please notify your Director that morning. If your child misses the bus/van for any reason they need to go to the elementary school’s office immediately. The elementary school will contact us and we will return to pick-up your child. Please make sure that the elementary school has our contact information in your child’s file. Bus/Van drivers do their best to get to all of their destinations in a timely manner; however there could be a waiting period of 5-10 minutes. If your child is scheduled to be picked up and does not arrive at the bus stop the Bus Driver will call the Director and the Director will call you. Please make sure your information stays current with your school Director.

Releasing Children from the Bus/Van

When your child boards one of our many buses or vans, they are in the most prestigious care of our responsible qualified driver (s). Your child may not be discharged to anyone other than a parent/ legal guardian or Director of the center. If you require removal of your child from one of the buses or vans, you must present appropriate identification. The driver may also call the center to confirm the identity for the protection and safekeeping of your child while in our care.

Absences and Schedule Changes

It is crucial that you let us know of your child’s absence prior to the bus route departure or as soon as you know of your child’s absence. The Bus Driver will otherwise be waiting for your child, which in turn delays all subsequent pick-ups. If your child needs to be drop off or picked up outside of their normal scheduled days or times, you need to notify the Director or Assistant Director by 7:00am that morning. To ensure the message is given to the Bus Driver.